Alexandrians Face Reality and Maggie Reveals Why She Didn’t Go With Glenn on #TheWalkingDead

SPOILERS if you are among the few who have not watched season six of The Walking Dead do not read any further!

aaronandmaggiefromcomiccontrailerRick has escaped the walker onslaught (and the cut on his hand) and runs toward Alexandria walkers in tow to quell the Alexandrians fears that the wall will hold, that Nicholas, Glenn, Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl will return safe, and that they will get rid of the horde. Didn’t Rick just lead part of the herd straight to Alexandria? But okay, he’s Rick and he’ll save them somehow, right?

Alexandrians have a moment to reflect and realize that the zombie apocalypse is a major bummer. Poor Becky even takes her own life when she finds out her husband isn’t coming home and Jessie has to put zombie Becky out of her misery. Jessie turns to the stunned Alexandrians and says, “This is the way the world is now. We fight or we die.” Who is going to be strong enough to fight and who will just die? Not Deanna! Just when you think she’s given up, she maps out a new plan for Alexandria and she guts a walker with a broken bottle…but nobody told her the best way to kill a walker is to stab or shoot it in the head.

And another episode has come and gone without any update on Glenn. We still don’t know if he is under the dumpster, has been shredded to pieces, or has turned into a walker. The creators of the show are now just dangling us in the wind with clues like Maggie revealing that she’s pregnant (maybe Glenn is dead?) or when Aaron and Maggie wipe the names of the dead off the wall (maybe Glenn is alive?). But we now know why Maggie didn’t go with Glenn. There was a moment when everyone was getting ready to put Rick’s plan for the walkers in the quarry into action and Glenn whispers to Maggie. He tells her to stay.

Apparently, the end of the word also puts every one in the mood to get biz-zeh! Denise, after getting a pep talk from Tara, decides that she’s going to just lay one on Tara because being afraid sucks. And after much sexual tension and build up, Rick finally grabs Jessie and kisses her while the garage door is open. Hello? Ron is going to see and he won’t be happy, especially after Rick killed Ron’s father (who was clearly a porch dick).

Some folks on the Internets are saying The Walking Dead has hit the snooze button in these past few episodes but I disagree. The characters (and the viewers) are absorbing everything that’s happened. Everyone is regrouping and we are getting more details on what has made some of these characters do the things they do. At the same time, it’s probably a major challenge to keep upping the ante every episode. But the creators have set the bar very high and I’m sure they’ll show us how they’re going to raise it even more in coming episodes.

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