Your Planet Is Decimated

These Broken Worlds Pavarti K Tyler

You watched them crash.

You survived the war.

But can you handle the aftermath?

10 stories
4 authors
1 universe

Classic science fiction themes enriched with new flavors.

And this is just the beginning.

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A mini-kōsalogy of flash fiction stories

Featuring Pavarti K. Tyler, Woelf Dietrich, Jessica West, and M. J. Kelley

Their home world is gone, their planet cut from existence. They traveled eons searching for a new home. But their new home, Earth, was already taken. From quiet stories of longing and love to tales of tragic nuclear war and brutal inter-species conflict, these narratives portray sometimes startling snapshots of a new universe with the intensity and delicacy that only flash fiction can convey. Each author's unique stories enrich the shared, singular vision of a science fiction saga that is just beginning.