The Wolves Attack and Carol’s True Identity Revealed on #TheWalkingDead

the-walking-dead-season-6-carolCarol told her neighbor smoking would kill her. A hatchet to the head, however, was not how Carol imagined it would happen. One minute Carol is talking about how to mask the taste of celery soup with paprika, the next she’s disguising herself as one of the Wolves so she can take them down. Gotta love Carol.

Alexandria began to lose its innocence when Rick’s group entered last season but now, the real world has infiltrated and claimed victims who were not prepared. Zombie attacks, conflicts bubbling up within, and now the Wolves attack have poured in like an angry flood. We don’t really know much about the Wolves, other than they seem like insane cultists, but in episode 2 they pretty much slaughtered the lambs of Alexandria. The people who survived did so only because Rick’s people were there.

If you watch Talking Dead after the show, I love what Kevin Smith said about “JSS.” It’s a mantra for life, and not only in the zombie apocalypse. Just survive somehow (JSS) is the mantra Enid uses to keep going after she witnesses her parents get eaten alive by zombies. Now we know a little more about Enid’s background but do we trust her? The whole time we were watching when Enid uses her ball of keys to get into Carl’s house, my husband and I were thinking she’s going to attack him because she’s part of the Wolves. We thought her “JSS” clues led the Wolves to Alexandria but then we find out that it was Andrew’s bag full of photos of the compound.

And now we know who was honking the horn: a zombie. Of course! What the heck is going to happen when that mega herd gets to Alexandria? Boy, poor Deanna has had a REALLY bad few weeks. She almost looks like a zombie herself at the end of episode 2. Will she be able to survive or will the shock of it all be too much?

So as we wait another week until the next episode, will Rick and the others be able to save Alexandria from the mega herd or will they be on the run again looking for a new sanctuary? Since Carol has revealed her true identity, will she and Morgan have to battle it out? We saw evidence that she has no time for his second-guessing when confronting a potential threat. And will Morgan end up getting killed because he seems to be the moral compass of the show now? We know from past episodes that Dale, Herschel, and Tyreese have all died. Will Morgan be next? So many GOOD questions that I’m sure will be answered in upcoming episodes.

All I know is that was one heart-pounding, nail-biting, action-filled episode. Executive producer, Scott Gimple, said on Talking Dead that things are going to get really crazy. If episode 2 is any indication, I might need to take some Xanax.

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