The Ricktator is Back on #TheWalkingDead Season 6 Premiere

2A6DD26E00000578-0-image-a-7_1436571216917“Do you know who you’re talking to?” Rick says while pointing a gun at Carter’s head. Carter is the guy who thought he could take Alexandria back from Rick and his plan to deal with the mega-herd of zombies.

It’s the start of another intense season of The Walking Dead, and the show’s creators aren’t backing off on the intensity either. Last night’s premiere started with the group discovering that the mega-herd is busting out of the barricades that have held them in the quarry, threatening the utopian life in Alexandria. You mix that threat with the fact that Alexandrians have no clue how to fight zombies and you’ve got a serious problem. Rick knows it and he’s not going to sit around and wait. He “doesn’t take chances anymore.”

While some critics say the show has fallen into the same old pattern, where Rick’s group finds a human refuge then learns that the “living” are worse than the walking dead, last and this season seems to be exploring the idea that Rick may be just as bad as The Governor…or even the people of Terminus. We start to see that even some of Rick’s loyal group members, like Daryl, start questioning his actions. And of course, Morgan who seems to be the current moral compass of the show. Which begs the question: will the show’s creators ever kill off Rick?

My husband and I were talking about it last night and we were on opposite sides: he thinks the show would still be as good without Rick and I don’t agree. While there are other characters who could possibly be in a position to lead the group, Carol, Glenn, or even Daryl, I don’t think they have the same power as Rick. Rick’s death might be the last straw that breaks everyone to the point of no turning back. He’s like the Peyton Manning or the Micheal Jordan of the group.

Andrew Lincoln (the actor who plays Rick Grimes) also has reached that point where he has become Rick. He brings an intensity to this role that in some ways outshines the other actors. However, I will say that Melissa McBride (the actor who plays Carol Peletier) shows her acting chops as well over the past couple of seasons and is in a close second to Andrew. Although I’m not sure she can carry the weight of the show to the level Andrew does.

Everything with Rick’s plan seemed to be going smoothly until…who the hell was honking that horn? That seemed to be coming from Alexandria? My guess was it’s Ron, Peter’s son. He seems stupid enough to do something like that. I don’t think it’s The Wolves either, even though we don’t know a whole lot about them and why they are mutilating zombies. But I”m sure we’ll see more of them real soon.

If you watch The Talking Dead like I do, the teaser for episode two left you with tons of questions…what does JSS mean? And why does Enid keep sneaking out of the safety of Alexandria’s walls? Will Carl try to save her?

I’m eager to find out, and very satisfied with the way the season began. What about you?

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Dana Leipold

Continuity Director
Dana is a freelance writer, author, and member of the Association of Independent Authors. She has self-published three books practices yoga, loves funny cat videos, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children.


  1. Great post, Dana. I think seasons 3 and 5 have been my favs so far. I felt the start to 6 was slow with all the flashbacks and I would have preferred a more linear approach without the black and white effect. Really hope Rick continues in the lead. There are so many characters, who are great, but Rick is made for this world. I still miss Hershel…

    1. Hi Nillu!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I have to agree that Season 3 was really good. I kind of liked the black and white flashbacks. They were a nice contrast to the mega herd plot. I also think Rick was made for this world but is he becoming the thing he used to loathe? Maybe. I miss Hershel too. And Tyreese. All the people with a moral compass. They all seem to die in this world.

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