The Art of Science Fiction 046: Darko Markovic


Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, Darko Markovich works as an industrial designer and concept artist and he is uber talented. His designs are flawless and beautiful and detailed. As a freelancer, his specialty evolved from vehicle design to armor and mech conceptualizations. Draco’s interests gradually shifted over the years and these days his clients come from the movie and game industries.

Below is a small sampling of his oeuvre. Each image links back to the site of origin.












Draco is amazing. I love the engineering details of his concept designs. His masterful use of texture and color really pushes the boundary from science fiction to real-world feasibility and that makes his work even more alluring.

In a KeyShot interview, he explained the origins of his talent and passion:

Growing up around my father, who is a brilliant mechanical engineer, I learned to understand anything I would touch with my hands. Though I must say it wasn’t in art form but in an engineering form. I didn`t understand this gift until I was 20 years old–it had always been normal for me. My mother is an economist who paints in her free time (I post her paintings from time to time on my Facebook page). So, when you combine my mother’s passion (art) and my father’s passion (engineering), you get me, natural-born problem solver with aesthetics, form, and function.

And that explains the perfect harmony between art and design so evident in Draco’s concept work.

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