Thank You…for What on #TheWalkingDead?

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.01.57 AMNicholas turns to Glenn as they’re surrounded by hundreds of zombies and puts a gun to his head. He says, “Thank you,” while Glenn looks on in horror. Nicholas pulls the trigger, blood splatters across Glenn’s face and they both fall into the rotting hands of the undead.

Does Glenn get eaten? We see entrails being gnawed on and we see Glenn screaming out but it’s hard to tell. Could he evade the hungry hoards by simply “playing dead” with Nicholas on top of him? Could he roll under the dumpster to get out of the way?

I don’t think so. I think Glenn is dead. In fact, I hope he’s dead because if he’s not I would be disappointed. There is no way he could get out of that situation, and what I love about this show is how realistic it is. It would be too convenient, contrived, and not authentic if he does get out of it. There hasn’t been any sightings of major characters as zombies since Sophia came out of the barn way to back in season 2. How heart-wrenching would it be to see Glenn as a zombie? I hope the show is brave enough to do that. It would be epically horrible!

What I’m also wondering is why does Nicholas say, “Thank you?” Thank you for what? Sure Glenn saved his ass many times and Glenn tried to show him the way things really are but killing himself put Glenn in major danger…yet again. Nicholas should have said, “Good luck.” Nicholas essentially got Glenn killed. And Glenn should have blown out Nicholas’ brains a long time ago.

Which leads me to the Wolves who end up attacking Rick in the winnebago because the story line about giving people second chances is coming back to bite every one (pun intended!). Glenn didn’t kill Nicholas when he shoud have and, Morgan didn’t kill the Wolves when he should have…now that act of mercy put Rick in a dangerous situation. Is Rick next? He looked like he was giving up at the end of the episode.

I think its Rick’s time to go. He’s gone into Governor terrority in Alexandria, and though his plan to move the mega herd was based on good intentions, it went horribly wrong. He did put everyone in danger, including his own children. Rick needs to die. But…what would loosing Glenn and Rick do the group? Would Carol step in and tell everyone to “snap out of it?” Would Michonne become the matriarch of the group?

My theory is both Glenn and Rick will be gone. There will be a feminine influence with either Carol or Michonne leading the group in new direction. The group will try to salvage Alexandria but they’ll see its not safe and they’ll have to move on. They will go on a hunt to eradicate the Wolves but Carol and Morgan will have a face-off. Morgan will stand his ground that killing is not needed but Carol will knock some sense into him…or do what she has to.

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