The Art of Science Fiction 047: Michal Klimczak

We have another self-taught artist for you this week. Michal Klimczak hails from Poland and is a digital artist specialising in photo manipulation. Michal has noted that he draws inspiration from artists Allan Lee, HR Giger, and Michael Karcz. Below is a small sampling of Michal’s work. Each image links back to the site of origin. Enjoy! I’ve been …read in detail

Art of Science Fiction 034: Maciej Drabik

Maciej Drabik is a freelance concept artist, illustrator, and matte painter from Bialystok, Poland and he is another artist with a long list of clients, both in the advertising industry and gaming industry. You’ll find Maciej’s work in several publications, including 3D Artist and 2D Artist Magazines, Advanced Photoshop, 3D Creative, and Digital Mayhem vol. 2. …read in detail