Art of Science Fiction 097: Edvige Faini

Italian freelance artist, Edvige Faini specializes in Concept Design, Matte Painting, and Environment Design for the entertainment industry. She’s worked for several publishing houses, magazines, and advertising studios over the years before moving to Los Angeles to realize her dream of becoming a concept artist. It didn’t take long for Edvige’s talent to get noticed and …read in detail

Art of Science Fiction 033: Nuttavut Baiphowongse

Today we’re focussing on weird and exotic alien creatures. Nuttavut Baiphowongse is a freelance creature designer and senior 3D artist from Bangkok, Thailand and his creature designs are amazing and just a little freaky. So naturally he has worked on some big name projects like the Falling Skies TV Series, Jupiter Ascending, Maleficent, Noah, 300: Rise …read in detail