The Surreal Pandemonium​ Violence and Collapse of Civilization in “High-Rise”

Class warfare reigns in the 1970s styled London high-rise where Doctor Laing (Tom Hiddleston) lives. High-Rise (2015), based on the novel of the same title by famed science fiction author JG Ballard, portrays a surreal, dystopian vision of mayhem and violence compartmentalized into the space of one building. Through Laing, we observe the building’s occupants: …read in detail

Scientist’s Undeniable Proof of an Afterlife Leads to Mass Suicides in Netflix’s “The Discovery”

If you think that premise sounds depressing or even melodramatic, you’d be right. But despite the nonsensical suicide concept, the film presents some great science-fiction-worthy ideas–which makes viewing this crawling, moody movie even more disappointing. The Discovery is a slow dance, a science fiction tease with the pacing of something like Shane Carruth’s Primer (2004) and …read in detail

Art of Science Fiction 055: Alex Jay Brady

Alex Jay Brady is a freelance concept artist working in games, film, and product design and resides in Cambridge, England. Her clients include EA Visceral, Moving Picture Company, VICE, SYFY Channel, ConceptArts Agency, Sony, Jaguar, and Landrover. She’s also done concept work for Fast and the Furious: Supercharged, Battlefield: Hardline, and Guardians of the Galaxy. …read in detail