Stanislaw Lem’s Disconcerting Universe

Stanislaw Lem writes moody, psychological science fiction that both thrills and appeals to the intellect. Lem is mostly known for Solaris, the novel that inspired three movie adaptations, including the most recent George Clooney version, a film that, unfortunately, failed to capture the book’s best themes. Lem combines exposition, stunning visual descriptions, philosophical ideas, and truly …read in detail

Science Fiction Universes Plus Fantasy Worlds Inspired by Ancient Sumer: Woelf Dietrich Interviewed

Check out Kōsa Press’s very own Woelf Dietrich interviewed over on the e-Books India website. Dietrich discusses his fantasy projects as well as delving into science fiction with These Broken Worlds. He also explains what a kōsalogy is! Here’s an excerpt from the interview: Are you working on any other book(s)? If so, can you please tell …read in detail