The Art of Science Fiction 047: Michal Klimczak

We have another self-taught artist for you this week. Michal Klimczak hails from Poland and is a digital artist specialising in photo manipulation. Michal has noted that he draws inspiration from artists Allan Lee, HR Giger, and Michael Karcz. Below is a small sampling of Michal’s work. Each image links back to the site of origin. Enjoy! I’ve been …read in detail

The Art of Science Fiction 046: Darko Markovic

Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, Darko Markovich works as an industrial designer and concept artist and he is uber talented. His designs are flawless and beautiful and detailed. As a freelancer, his specialty evolved from vehicle design to armor and mech conceptualizations. Draco’s interests gradually shifted over the years and these days his clients come from …read in detail