A Merry 2016 Christmas and The New Alien: Covenant Trailer

This is a quick post to remind you that we’re at the final moments before the release of Armistice. As such, “Art of Science Fiction” will be late this week. In the meantime, check out Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. It’s a return to the universe he created, with a new chapter in the groundbreaking ALIEN franchise. The …read in detail

Science Fiction Becomes Reality 04: Suspended Animation

Suspended animation is often used a plot device in science fiction, specifically as a way to transport characters in space. It’s an easy way to deal with the time element of interstellar travel where it takes years to get from one planet to another. Suspended Animation: The Sci-Fi Version A commercial spacecraft is on a return …read in detail

Yin and Yang in Science Fiction: An Interview with Interspecies Co-Author Elaine Chao

Elaine Chao holds many titles, including martial arts instructor, engineer, and musician. Recently, she added science fiction author to her titles with a contribution to Interspecies, a new co-authored science fiction epic. She works for Adobe and is a regular contributor to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Blog. In this interview, Chao sat down with the Kōsa …read in detail

Art of Science Fiction 032: Geoffrey Ernault

Geoffrey Ernault, also known as “Exphrasis,” is a concept artist based in Paris, France. Geoffrey is self-taught and observes the world around him with a unique curiosity that informs his art. His inspirations come from his numerous travels, music, movies, video games, science fiction and, of course, art. Artists like Thom Tenery, Sparth, Luke Mancini, Andree Wallin and …read in detail

#Art of Science Fiction 009: Andrzej Sykut

Andrzej Sykut is a self-taught 3D artist with a degree in polymer chemistry and hails from Cracow, Poland. He has worked on TV commercials and game cinematics, doing mostly lighting, rendering, and visual development. His styles vary from realistic to extremally stylized with a preference for stylistic. In his personal works, Andrzej usually stays within …read in detail