Introducing These Broken Worlds

These Broken Worlds Pavarti K Tyler

The excerpt below is the introduction to Kōsa Press’s first story collection, These Broken Worlds.

Aliens with no home world seek refuge on Earth.

But when humans agree to take them in, Earth gets more than it bargained for. Now both drilodytes and humans must learn to live together on a post-apocalyptic planet. So begins Kōsa Press’s drilodyte saga, a journey much bigger and more expansive than any single publication, story, or author.

In this inaugural collection of flash fiction we’ve dubbed a “mini-kōsalogy,” we introduce a first glimpse into the drilodyte shared universe. These ten stories portray events that span over two million years and touch on classic ideas like space-time warping, first contact, cryogenic sleep, nuclear holocaust, devil worship, speciesism, alien culture clash, war, hybrid breeding, and more.

Science fiction explores the possible, the “what if,” while occasionally flirting with the impossible and even the fantastical. And, yet, this genre can be rooted in and inspired by the most compelling scientific ideas and discoveries of our time. For example, quantum theory, the panspermia theory, evolution, and many others supplied our creative minds with ample fuel for the stories you’re about to enter. These qualities make science fiction an ideal genre for a collaboration that brings together a diverse group of writers with voices as unique as their stories, yet who are able to share a singular vision.

This collection represents many firsts for Kōsa Press. And we’re honored that you’re one of the first readers to take a glimpse at this universe. You’re about to read the beginning of a series, a saga, that we believe illustrates the possibilities of the flash fiction medium and the science fiction genre as much as it demonstrates the result of a special union of like-minded creatives. So get ready to glimpse these broken worlds.

And remember, this is only the beginning.

M. J. Kelley
Founder & Publisher
Kōsa Press, San Francisco, CA
June 29, 2015

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A mini-kōsalogy of flash fiction stories

Featuring PK Tyler, Woelf Dietrich, Jessica West, and M. J. Kelley

Their home world is gone, their planet cut from existence. They traveled eons searching for a new home. But their new home, Earth, was already taken. From quiet stories of longing and love to tales of tragic nuclear war and brutal inter-species conflict, these narratives portray sometimes startling snapshots of a new universe with the intensity and delicacy that only flash fiction can convey. Each author's unique stories enrich the shared, singular vision of a science fiction saga that is just beginning.

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