Interspecies, Volume 1, The Inlari Sagas


Includes “Babylon’s Song,” a finalist for the 2017 Sir Julius Vogel Award!

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“These are generally hard-hitting stories about a grim future world. . . . I found the exploration mind-stretching . . .”

—Piers Anthony, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Xanth Series

“Interspecies is a solid science fiction anthology that provides entertaining reading for a thinking person and sets a high bar. . . . These are writers to watch.”

—Keith West, Adventure Fantastic and Futures Past and Present

Featuring a Foreword by Samuel Peralta, Amazon bestselling author, and creator/driving force behind the Future Chronicles series, with 14 consecutive titles ranking at the top of the Amazon Bestselling Anthology lists. His own work has been recognized in Best American Science Fiction.

Kōsa Press presents a science fiction shared-universe anthology with a premise some readers have compared to District 9. Piers Anthony, one of the world’s most popular fantasy authors and a New York Times bestseller twenty-one times over, says, “It is thoughtful reading.”

Aliens and Humans Struggle for Supremacy in Post-Apocalyptic Australia and New Zealand

Fifty years after first contact with the inlari, war ravaged the Earth, leaving New Zealand and Australia the victors and survivors, but at a devastating cost. As human and inlari factions compete against each other in the struggle for power and resources, some seek zealotry and dominance. Others strive for peace and unity—and with them, hope still lives.

Four stories of transformation, survival, and the eternal search for meaning and purpose in a chaotic and turbulent world. Can inlari and humans alike bridge the gap created by their prejudices? Or will one species forever rule the other?

The Memoriam
Kene, a young inlari disciple, learns his people’s dark and complex history through direct memory transfer with his mentor. Kene’s head fills with the memories and lives of the dead, as he’s groomed to be the keeper of the rememberance. He’s also charged with carrying out peace between the inlaris and the last free human city on New Zealand, but can he cope with the onslaught of memory? Can he survive his government’s extremists and his ancient order’s shameful secrets?

Underground Intelligence
Ān-tíng is a hēi-kè, one of the few technical experts in a human military group focused on gathering enough data to overthrow the inlari occupation. But a routine mission—one she wasn’t even supposed to be on—takes a surprising turn, making her reevaluate her place in society and the fragile relationship between humans and inlaris.

Transmission Interrupted
Quinette Alteiri’s father has disappeared, and there’s no hope that he will return. Her mother, the leader of the inlari nation on New Zealand’s North Island, has also suffered painful losses at the hands of humans, leaving her bitter and vengeful. Quinette finds solace in the arms of a human slave even though she knows it is forbidden, and it would shatter her mother. When Quinette and her lover find a mysterious device, Quinette sets off a series of events that eventually force her to make a decision: follow her destiny or forge a new future.

Babylon’s Song
At nine-years-old, Samantha Babylon’s innocence is violently torn from her as she and her sister find themselves in New Zealand, now home to the inlari nation. Separated from her sister on arrival, a storm of guilt and fear threatens to rip Samantha apart as she clings to the fragile hope of uniting with her sibling, escaping the island, and returning to their beloved Barren Mountain in New South Wales.

Daring Sci-Fi Collaboration Relies on International Collaboration

The group of authors, M.J. Kelley, Woelf Dietrich, Elaine Chao, and Dana Leipold, came together in an online writer’s workshop, Write Draft Critique, with a diverse background in writing and publishing.

“This is the realization of more than a year’s worth of hard work and virtual collaboration between me and my team,” says M.J. Kelley, Publisher and Founder of Kōsa Press. “Our goal was to create a universe with distinct stories that intersect and build on one another, moving the narrative toward a larger story arc.”

Kelley added that this level of collaboration presented a few challenges and there were bumps along the way, but it all came down to working toward a shared vision.

“It’s not easy to do, even when you’re collaborating with a team in person. But once we all bought in on the vision, it clicked. And we did it all online,” Kelley adds.

Kelley and his team plan to release at least two more anthologies that continue the stories with the characters introduced in Interspecies.

About the Authors

M. J. Kelley is a short fiction aficionado, writer of speculative fiction, and humorist with a passion for education. He’s fond of fog and can peel a carrot with a look. M. J. dwells in San Francisco, CA, seasonally as well as year round.

Dana Leipold loves the written word. Her award-winning debut novel, Burnt Edges, delves into the dark reaches of abuse and incest while depicting the resilience of one young girl. She practices yoga, loves funny cat videos, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children.

Woelf Dietrich mostly writes tales of dark fantasy and the supernatural, which is maybe not such a far cry from his lawyering days. Sometimes he writes other things. He resides in New Zealand with his wife and kids and a dog.

Elaine Chao is obsessed with a number of things, including languages, storytelling, martial arts, music, geeking out, psychology, software, event management, design, and her two cats. At any given point in time, you can find her doing two out of ten in the San Francisco Bay Area.