Glenn’s Fate Disappointing and the Eternal Struggle on #TheWalkingDead

SPOILERS: If you aren’t caught up on Season 6 do not read any further.

The Walking Dead Season 6 001Did anyone else emit a collective, “Aw geez!” when we see that Glenn scooted under the dumpster? I was hoping the show would stay brave and have Glenn not make it. How is it that Rick’s group can keep evading the zombies yet any Alexandrian that goes outside the wall gets eaten? There’s no way the zombies would have not bitten Glenn’s arms or legs as he wormed his way to safety. It’s a huge flaw (in my humble opinion) in an otherwise amazing season.

Now that Glenn is back among the living and trying to find his way back to Alexandria, he runs into Enid. He tries to get her to see that life is not pointless and allowing herself to care for others is still important…even if eventually everyone dies. Glenn still believes life is still precious and worth living.

A similar battle is going on within the walls of Alexandria. Rick and Tara face off when dumb-ass Spencer tries to shimmy across a suspended rope above walkers but ends up almost falling to his death…that is until Rick saves him. Rick doesn’t want to protect the Alexandrians because he feels they aren’t worth saving. Tara believes every life is valuable much like Morgan who is trying to save the life of one of the Wolves. “All life is precious,” Morgan says to Rick, Carol, and Michonne. But even they can’t agree: Rick obviously doesn’t think so, Carol thinks any threat should be eliminated, and Michonne doesn’t believe the answer can be boiled down to those four simple words.

While everyone is contemplating whether all life is precious, Ron seems to be plotting some kind of revenge for his father’s death. It appears to be aimed at Carl. Rick took his father, now he is going to take Rick’s son. So, is Carl going to be the next main character to go? Well, just as we’re about to find out, the huge tower that no one seemed to notice needed reinforcement succumbs to the walker deluge outside the fence and falls. Walkers pour into Alexandria. And we know the mid-seasonal finale will be an all-out battle for life or death.

Is Alexandria lost, just as Deanna put forth plans for expansion? Will our group be on the run again? Who is going to die in the fight against the walkers? Will Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha come to rescue and lure the walkers away? I’m sure we won’t know until the season picks up again in March.

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