Collaboration Spawns New Creative Publishing Vision

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Ever have one of those moments?

The kind that produces a creative surge?

The ideas flow faster than your fingertips can type. The inspiration feels all-consuming.

How about with a group of like-minded artists? The surge raging through five, six, or seven of you simultaneously?

On November 2nd, 2014, this happened to a group of authors who meet annually to critique each others’ fiction.

We’d never met offline.

But that didn’t matter.

The result of our creative surge is Kōsa Press and the pioneering concept of the kosalogy.

A Shared Universe Transcends the Anthology

We called it an anthology at first.

But that wasn’t what we were making.

Each writer was to contribute a story. When we were done, we would collect them in one volume. Sounds like an anthology, doesn’t it?

Except an anthology is based on one theme or topic like “robots” or “best science writing.” An anthology is general.

Our collection is more specific.

As we shared stories, the collaboration intensified, and we started sharing story details as well. Some characters made cameos and others noted the events happening in different stories.

We were creating a universe for our stories to cohabit. This entailed continuity and a root backstory.

The further we got, the more the word “anthology” seemed wrong.

How would readers differentiate between our type of collection and the type called an anthology?

It needed a name.

We’re in the Universe Creation Business

An anthology, one authored by different writers, collecting different stories, but sharing a single universe.

That’s a good description, but it’s a mouthful.

How about making a new word? One that defines exactly what we were creating?

“Interlogy” reads and sounds strange and is hard to pronounce.

But “kōsa,” the phonetic translation of the Japanese word for “intersecting,” reads and sounds like butter. Sweet, sweet butter.

The “logy” in anthology means “collection.”

Combined “kosalogy” [kohs-ol-uh-jee] means “intersecting collection.”

Defined more precisely: “a story collection whose distinct stories intersect and contribute to a single world or universe.”

That’s what Kōsa Press is all about: creating new universes for our stories to cohabit.

Building Kosalogies

It starts with people.

People that inspire you. People who spread inspiration like a blowtorch.

Inspiration is vital. But so are the right skills and resources.

The advent of self-publishing means authors have more skills on the production side of publishing than ever before.

The digital age and the popularity of eBooks means resources are abundant and cheap.

But a new frontier in publishing presents new challenges, which requires building new tools as they’re needed.

One of those tools is the story bible, a solution for unifying our vision. It’s a reference document that assists with world building.

Another is a proprietary, virtual revising system that involves everyone on a production team, including the authors.

Authors no longer simply submit and wait for corrections, but are an active part of building the product.

This allows for unprecedented speed and a rich collaborative environment with the potential to blow minds.

Making kosalogies necessitates not only new tools but new jobs.

The continuity director makes sure story details don’t contradict the overall vision.

Pioneering Audacity

As book industry professionals, we’re gazing upon a new frontier of innovation and possibility.

It’s a land with not many rules, not many established models–no one-size-fits-all paradigms. It’s a blank canvas, a first page.

Which is scary. But also a perfect climate for invention, for new stories, and new reading experiences.

Kōsa Press is built around authors, because that’s who we are. And our model ensures the rule of not just one universe, but many.

Enticed by artistic collaboration?

Energized by constructive criticism?

Interested in world domination?

We’d love to join forces with you.

Our calls for submissions go out to our subscribers. So make sure you’re one of them.

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M. J. Kelley

M. J. is an award-winning short fiction writer and author of a forthcoming nonfiction book. He loves science fiction, humor, & literary fiction and is the director of Write Draft Critique: the Virtual Writer Workshop.


  1. I love this idea. Writing is such an insular process at times that it sucks the joy out of the act of creation. As a self published author, I know that my best work was achieved when my vision was refined by the insights of others. I’d love to be part of this endeavor. And if there is no more room, I am looking to seeing the product this process reveals.

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