Women of Science Fiction 005: Interview with Ellery Kane

Ellery Kane does sci-fi dystopian her own way. Her Legacy series is a dark adventure that never leaves you bored. Her series has won several awards, including the Gold Medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, young adult, eBook category. To find out more about Ellery, her work, and read her awesome blog, check out …read in detail

Women of Science Fiction 004: Interview with Patrice Fitzgerald

Patrice Fitzgerald is an author, attorney, and singer. She’s also recently taking on publishing other writers through her boutique press eFitzgerald Publishing, LLC.  A very busy woman, Fitzgerald is a complete inspiration to the rest of us in the indie publishing industry with her amazing talent and dedication to supporting her fellow authors. To find …read in detail

Women of Science Fiction 002: Interview with Stephanie J. Pajonas

Stephanie J. Pajonas is the author of the post-apocalyptic Japanese culture inspired science fiction series, The Nogiku Series. She has also written a number of other Japan-centric works across multiple genres. I read the entire Nogiku series in a week, that’s four books. I just couldn’t stop reading them! They’re that good. I’m thrilled to …read in detail

Women of Science Fiction 001: Interview with Susan Kaye Quinn

Welcome to the inaugural Women in Science Fiction interview series. I’ll be introducing you to a number of fabulous women I’ve lined up. Often disregarded as not being sciency enough or smart enough to write such a serious genre, women are sometimes pushed to the sidelines of sci-fi. But let me tell you, these women …read in detail