Scientist’s Undeniable Proof of an Afterlife Leads to Mass Suicides in Netflix’s “The Discovery”

If you think that premise sounds depressing or even melodramatic, you’d be right. But despite the nonsensical suicide concept, the film presents some great science-fiction-worthy ideas–which makes viewing this crawling, moody movie even more disappointing. The Discovery is a slow dance, a science fiction tease with the pacing of something like Shane Carruth’s Primer (2004) and …read in detail

Star Trek Beyond’s Action Fest Ejects Characters And Story

Star Trek Beyond is a rip-roaring, action-packed adventure blockbuster, sporting dizzying camera movement. The vibrating shakey-cam style paired with quick cuts came at you fast and furious and made the action difficult to follow at times. The quiet Trek moments of reflection and problem-solving were short or non-existent. And I missed the humorous short-hand of character …read in detail