Stranger Things: The Return of Kids on an Epic Mission (Season 1)

The eighties kids-on-a-mission epic is back, only in TV streaming form on Netflix. This retro-stylized supernatural, sci-fi, horror, monster series openly salutes The Goonies and E. T.,  achieving something like what JJ Abrahams attempted with Super 8, but reaching far beyond. The novel-like form of streaming allows Stranger Things to take its time and unravel the …read in detail

Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand Nominates “Babylon’s Song” for Sir Julius Vogel Award in the Best Novella Category

Awards and award nominations are precarious things for authors. Most of us don’t work or write or imagine fiction for the glorious prospect of plaques and trophies. And we often work under the auspices of receiving little to no recognition for what we do. Yet what writer hasn’t dreamed of winning an award for his …read in detail

Art of Science Fiction 087: Ryan Love

Canadian Ryan Love has been active in the video game industry for over a decade. He is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplined artist specializing in Environment Modeling, Environment Design, Digital Sculpting, Digital Painting, Prop Modeling, Texturing, and Character Design, and probably a host of other super skills. He currently works as a Senior Artist for Bioware, a video game …read in detail