“Babylon’s Song” Short-Listed to the Final 2017 Vogel Award Ballot

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Woelf Dietrich’s novella, which appears in our book Interspecies, is on the final ballot for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards, one of New Zealand’s top prizes for speculative fiction.

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You may remember that we announced his initial nomination at the end of February, but that was no guarantee of making the final ballot. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our readers and the Kōsa Press community, so if you voted, thank you for helping make this happen.

Special congratulations go to our talented author and friend Woelf Dietrich on this amazing accomplishment. And congratulations to all the nominees for the 2017 Vogel Awards! Voting for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards takes place at LexiCon June 2nd – 4th 2017, during the 38th New Zealand National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention.

About “Babylon’s Song”

At nine-years-old, Samantha Babylon’s innocence is violently torn from her as she and her sister find themselves in New Zealand, now home to the inlari nation. Separated from her sister on arrival, a storm of guilt and fear threatens to rip Samantha apart as she clings to the fragile hope of uniting with her sibling, escaping the island, and returning to their beloved Barren Mountain in New South Wales.

In an earlier post, I wrote about what it was like to work with Woelf on this story:

Working with Dietrich over the years, I can tell you that you’d be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated, thoughtful writer, one who gives abundantly to his peers and colleagues. It has been my honor and privilege to have the opportunity to publish some of his best work represented by “Babylon’s Song” in Interspecies and 2017’s publication of Armistice (in which you’ll find seven spellbinding sci-fi tales from Woelf).

This story represents collaboration, imagination, and some of Woelf’s best work to date. Reading Samantha’s arduous sojourn, the language, the universal human emotion depicted, the setting, and the sci-fi elements of alien-occupied New Zealand—all lend themselves to capturing a reader’s imagination with awe and wonder.

Thanks again for your incredible support! And congrats to all the finalists. You can find all the final ballot nominees right here.

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