Art of Science Fiction 109: Maurizio Manzieri

Maurizio Manzieri is a multi-award winning illustrator and concept artist who specializes in fantasy and science fiction and sometimes both at the same time. The Italian’s artwork has been showcased in exhibits around the globe and has been featured in many annuals, such as Spectrum, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art and Infected by Art.

He has collaborated with many publishing houses and magazines in the USA and is a visual artist for several European Conventions, such as Lucca Comics & Games, Fantasy Basel, and Stranimondi. He won WorldCon’s ‘Best in Show’ Award in 2014 and Asimov’s Readers’ Award for Best Cover Artist consecutively in 2015 and 2016.

Below is a small sampling of this awesome work. Enjoy!

Admittedly, this week’s artist brings a new dimension to our usual Art of Science Fiction. There are dream-like elements in Maurizio’s art and I’ll even go so far as to say his style reminds me a lot of the cover art you used to see during the 80s. You can find out more about Maurizio and his work here.






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