Art of Science Fiction 106: Milan Nikolic

“Art of Science Fiction” this week looks at weird humanoid creatures that may or may not be alien in origin. Milan Nikolic is a freelance concept designer and artist currently living in Belgrade, Serbia where he works as the Lead Artist for Whale Shark Studio. He has done work for studios such as Six More Vodka and West Studio and is currently freelancing for West Studio / Ubisoft and Warhammer 40K at Gamesworkshop.

Below are a few samples of his extraordinary talent.

Milan’s use of vibrant colors and exotic shapes and textures provide an almost dizzying curiosity as it forces you to take note of the details. And you have no choice really as you try to make sense of his use of odd lines and shapes. And then there is the sheer aesthetic beauty. Milan’s art is beautiful as much as it is captivating. To see more of his work click here.



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