Art of Science Fiction 105: Jan Buragay

Philippines artist, Jan Buragay is self-taught and possess a very distinctive style. It’s a style you’ll easily recognise from te rest and I foresee it becoming the artist’s signature of sorts. Jan’s passion for science fiction and Japanese culture, as well as cyberpunk, fuels his creativity as is clearly evident from the collection below. Jan won 3dtotal’s sci-fi sketching competition in 2015 which is not bad considering that he took up the pen to start drawing only the year before.

Here is a small sampling of his work. Sit back, feast your eyes, and enjoy.

If you want to know more about Jan or see more of his work, visit his gallery here. And this link takes you to his Instagram page where he features exclusive art not featured on Artstation.

Have an awesome week ahead and may the force spike your chi.




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