Art of Science Fiction 102: Hassan Hameed Tabrizi

Something different for this week’s Art of Science Fiction. We get to see an alternate version of our world, or maybe a future happening, a dystopian dieselpunk nightmare of apocalyptic proportions. Oily, smoke-filled scenes of urban decay, strewn with the skeletal remains of robots and war machines, gutted and wasting away. Grunge-looking mech tech that seems capable of taking a solid punch and roughly merged biomechatronic parts that appear to have been assembled in a war zone with limited available resources. All-in-all, Hassan Hameed Tabrizi delivers a haunting insight into a  gloomy future.

My google-fu seems off this week because I found no background information on Hassan other than that he works as a concept artist and illustrator and lives in Lyon, France, and that his art is dark and wild and awesome.

Below is a small collection of his paintings. Enjoy!

Tone is always important to stories, whether visually presented or with word imagery. In Hassan’s case, you’ll find his work is exceptionally tone rich and visceral, triggering all kinds of visions of the future.

If you want to see more of Hassan’s work, just click here to view his gallery.

Have a good week!

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