Art of Science Fiction 097: Edvige Faini

Italian freelance artist, Edvige Faini specializes in Concept Design, Matte Painting, and Environment Design for the entertainment industry.

She’s worked for several publishing houses, magazines, and advertising studios over the years before moving to Los Angeles to realize her dream of becoming a concept artist.

It didn’t take long for Edvige’s talent to get noticed and she soon found herself working with various production studios in Hollywood on movies like Maleficent, Jupiter Ascending, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Edge of Tomorrow, and Sin City.

She later moved to Singapore to work for Ubisoft where she tackled Assassin’s Creed Unity. Her artistic influence and skill contributed to the development of Final Fantasy XV where she collaborated with Square Enix Japan as an Environment Concept Artist.

Below is a small selection of Edvige’s art. Feast your hungry eyes and consume to your heart’s delight.

I love Edvige’s art. I love the atmosphere and ambiance of her created worlds and the possibilities they create. Her worlds beg to be explored in story form, but that is the writer in me talking. To see more of Edvige’s work and learn more about what she does, go here.

And that is that from me for this week.


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