Art of Science Fiction 089: Alexey Egorov

The art of Alexey Egorov is both fantastical and surreal with a heavy touch of the otherworldly. Alexy Egorov lives in Yakutsk, Russia where he works as a digital artist. As you know, I run a twin weekly series called “Art of Fantasy” and early last year I featured Alexey’s fantasy art. However, Alexey has some amazing science fiction art and I want to showcase that today.

Below is a sampling of his awesome work. Enjoy!


As with my previous attempt, I could find no information about Alexey, not in English anyway. His art, on the other hand, speaks volumes. We have weird alien worlds that suck you into a microcosm of cellular-like activity and makes you question what you see. Strange, almost organic-looking tech and a weird post-apocalyptic future where the skeletal remains of giant robotic creatures waste away and serve as gloomy beacons for wayward travelers.

And that is all from me for this week. May this week be at your mercy.


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