Art of Science Fiction 081: John Wallin Liberto


Our science fiction artist today is John Wallin Liberto. He resides in Seattle and works as a concept designer for OculusVR. He’s been active in the games and movie industry since 1999, working for companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Lucasfilm. Some of the more awesome projects he contributed to include Halo 4 and 5, Gears of War, Battlefield, and movies like Harry potter 3, Big Fish, and more.

We’ve compiled a small collection of his work below to give you an idea of why John is so sought after. Enjoy!












Fun and colorful seem appropriate adjectives here when you look at John’s work, but not in a way that diminishes his technical artistry. As a concept artist, his illustrations are vibrant and exciting and his futuristic designs technically flawless. Check out the rest of his portfolio here.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of “Art of Science Fiction.” This is a big week for us because this week sees the release of Armistice: The Inlari Sagas.

We are almost there, folks. Get ready!

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    1. Thanks! This is one of the things I like about doing this series. Suddenly I’m discovering the artists responsible for some of the images I routinely see floating around cyberspace. It’s good to be able to put a name to work you admire.

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