Art of Science Fiction 067: Paul Chadeisson


Paul Chadeisson is the co-art director and owner of Ragequit, a software design studio based in Paris, France. Or simply put, he is a concept artist with an impressive set of skills. Strike Vector is the first game created by the studio and was launched in January 2014 on PC. The studio is now working on Strike Vector EX for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Below is a small sample of his work. Each image links back to the gallery of origin. Enjoy!












Much of the art comes from Strike Vector but you recognize the same theme in the other concept designs here. Cities of industry, alive and pumping gas and chemicals, with sky freighters and floating factories, all immaculately designed to architectural and technical specifications that seem so real, you can almost touch it tomorrow.

Industrial science fiction attracts me because a part of me loves technology that is rough and gritty and matter of fact. Another part of me embraces the sleek and clean and an overall minimalist approach to futurism. I love the rough tech featured in District 9 and Blade Runner and even Firefly, but then there is the gorgeous clean lines and minimalism of Oblivion where I can very easily see myself living above the clouds surrounded by glass and white walls and holographic touchscreens of pulsing neon orange.

So here is my question to you: What attracts you to science fiction? More specific, and part of the same question, what area of science fiction attracts you more than others?

And that is that from me for this week. Stay tuned for an awesome surprise soon.


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