Art of Science Fiction 034: Maciej Drabik


Maciej Drabik is a freelance concept artist, illustrator, and matte painter from Bialystok, Poland and he is another artist with a long list of clients, both in the advertising industry and gaming industry.

You’ll find Maciej’s work in several publications, including 3D Artist and 2D Artist Magazines, Advanced Photoshop, 3D Creative, and Digital Mayhem vol. 2.

Below are a few choice pieces from his oeuvre. Each image links back to the corresponding gallery. Enjoy!













Although I kicked-off with a Vader concept piece Maciej did for a Facebook project, I focussed mostly on his environments in this collection which, from what I understand, is also his speciality. He gives us a glimpse of several possible futures. We have a post-apocalyptic wasteland with desert slums and a shipwreck city, an industrialised city burrowed into the earth, a technically advanced metropolis that gleams gold with the sun’s fading light, and lastly, a mass exodus to a distant galaxy. All-in-all, a smorgasbord of future what-ifs.

Apart from a zombie apocalypse, if you could choose a future, what would you prefer: a post-apocalyptic world akin to Mad Max, a highly industrialised earth where corporations hold all the power and battle each other for resources (and don’t say it!), or a hi-tech cyber future where you can google something by just closing your eyes and thinking it?

Let me know in the comments.


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