#Art of Science Fiction 009: Andrzej Sykut

Andrzej Sykut is a self-taught 3D artist with a degree in polymer chemistry and hails from Cracow, Poland. He has worked on TV commercials and game cinematics, doing mostly lighting, rendering, and visual development. His styles vary from realistic to extremally stylized with a preference for stylistic.

In his personal works, Andrzej usually stays within the realm of science fiction. In his own words:

SF is what I like to read, to watch – I love the feeling of exploring new worlds. The kind of feeling when you travel to a new, exotic place. But since we are still some years from creating an FTL drive I do it in my head instead.

His most notable work is as concept artist and designer for the board game Galaxy of Trian.

Below is a selection of paintings sent to me by the artist. Enjoy!

Andrzej is a gifted artist and his alien worlds are probably my favorite of this collection. I can understand how our ideas sometimes require translation to the outside world so they may properly bloom. Sometimes we have to let them out or go crazy. It applies to writing equally.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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