#Art of Science Fiction 006: Arthur Haas

Welcome to the alien worlds of Arthur Haas. He hails from the Netherlands where he studied photography at the Art Academy of The Hague. Arthur has had various exhibitions in Amsterdam and currently works as an illustrator for publishers and concept artist for film companies.

When he started out studying photography, Arthur soon realised that photography did not afford him sufficient room to express himself the way he wanted or to properly set free the fantastical images floating around in his mind. Motivated by an all-consuming need to express himself he turned to painting.


At first he was unable to bridge the gap between what he saw in his mind and what came out on canvas, but he persisted. Driven–obsessed even–by the need to express himself and give life to the jumble of imagery in his head, Arthur kept painting, kept trying to bridge that gap between fantasy and life, and it worked. His determination and stubbornness paid off big time as you’ll see from the collection showcased here.

Below are a few choice samples I collected. The artist has many other works in his gallery if you are interested, and remember, each image is linked to where I found that image. Enjoy!

station- small

These paintings blew me away as I’m sure they did you. They remind me why I love science fiction. They make me want to explore alien worlds. They make me want to write.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’m dying to hear…er, read, I mean.

(Edit: The artist just completed a new work which he emailed me. I have added it to this collection at the bottom.)

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