Armistice: The Inlari Sagas

armistice the inlari sagas m. j. kelley dana leipold woelf dietrich elaine chao

Includes stories by 2017 Sir Julius Vogel Award finalist Woelf Dietrich!

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A New Chapter of the Inlari Sagas:

Long before humans walked the earth, an interstellar civilization curled its roots through a small patch of the galaxy. The inlaris flourished. Proud, relentless, ruthless, they explored the stars, conquering whatever sentient beings lay in their path. But as planets turn to dust and stars shrink or burst, so too did the inlari empire pass on. The undoing was gradual, spontaneous. And for a time, peace thrived. But it didn’t last. Disaster soon sent the inlaris back into the deep of space, this time not to conquer and spread, but to survive. And then they found Earth…

From hopeful stories of first contact and alien teamwork to tales of post-apocalyptic survival and brutal interspecies conflict, these narratives portray startling snapshots of peace and war with an intensity that only very short fiction can convey. Each author’s unique stories enrich the shared, singular vision of the Inlari Sagas.

This collection precedes the Interspecies Series—volumes of full-length stories—and presents 20 tales spanning the years of the inlaris arrival on Earth, the golden era, the Great War that eventually followed, and the conflicts that still rattle the world in the aftermath.

About the Authors

M. J. Kelley is a short fiction aficionado, writer of speculative fiction, and humorist with a passion for education. He’s fond of fog and can peel a carrot with a look. M. J. dwells in San Francisco, CA, seasonally as well as year round.

Dana Leipold loves the written word. Her award-winning debut novel, Burnt Edges, delves into the dark reaches of abuse and incest while depicting the resilience of one young girl. She practices yoga, loves funny cat videos, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children.

Woelf Dietrich mostly writes tales of dark fantasy and the supernatural, which is maybe not such a far cry from his lawyering days. Sometimes he writes other things. He resides in New Zealand with his wife and kids and a dog.

Elaine Chao is obsessed with a number of things, including languages, storytelling, martial arts, music, geeking out, psychology, software, event management, design, and her two cats. At any given point in time, you can find her doing two out of ten in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Featuring original cover art from science fiction master Arthur Haas.