Armistice Cover Reveal

Today Kōsa Press proudly presents Armistice, our second installment in the ongoing Inlari Sagas, and a collection that offers prequel stories to Interspecies.

Arthur Haas, whose work we previously featured on our blog, painted the cover and the accompanying artwork for Armistice. He took the brief and blew our expectations out of the water. We are very proud of this cover and know you will be too.


Long ago, the aliens known as the inlari lost their home world in a devastating attack. They traveled for eons searching for a habitable planet. But their new home, Earth, was already taken. At first, the inlari and humans brokered deals bringing Earth into a new golden age of collaboration. That golden age didn’t last long…

From hopeful stories of first contact and alien teamwork to tales of post-apocalyptic survival and brutal interspecies conflict, these narratives portray startling snapshots of peace and war with an intensity that only flash fiction can convey. Each author’s unique stories enrich the shared, singular vision of the Inlari Sagas.

This collection precedes the Interspecies Series—volumes of full-length stories from the Inlari Sagas—and presents 20 tales spanning the years of the inlari arrival on Earth, the golden era, the Great War that eventually followed, and the interspecies conflicts that still rattle the world in the aftermath.

ARMISTICE introduces 15 brand new, never-before-published stories to the Inlari Sagas, and 5 republished stories. New characters, new time periods—all rendered with the same hard-hitting, personal sci-fi style that reviewers and readers alike rave about.

The release date is set for December 30, 2016.

Merry Christmas!


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